Brian Blakesley

Welcome to Brian Blakesley Photography.

As a technologist by profession, the tools and trappings of digital photography are a natural extension of who I am, while being unique and different enough from my career that they provide me an outlet and a means of expression I would otherwise not have.

In general, my subjects tend to revolve around other aspects of my life. I enjoy being outdoors at all times of the year, I'm a gear head, and I have an active family life. As such, my body of work features large doses of landscape and automotive material, as well as occasional wildlife photography, candid scenes with family and friends, and some rare sprinklings of portraiture.

When I'm out shooting, my approach to scenes and subjects is simple. I let my inner 5 year old loose and give him the camera. My photos are a record of the excitement and wonder of my inner child experiencing the world around us. Different angles, different compositions, a good deal of simply playing around with the camera and taking pictures. To me, the greatest satisfaction is to experience those “Wow!” moments in life with childlike abandon, and then to bring home a record of that experience to share with others in the form of a photograph.

Thanks for stopping by.
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